2006-06-09 16:36:27 ET

I havent showered at all today. I have make-up smeared down myface...and the neighbor hits on me.
this guy is white, probably mid-30's, he has a mullet and talks like a ghetto thug. lol.

oh my...they just dont care at all what you look like here. i could've just crawled out of a mud pit , and i'd still get hit on. lol

2006-06-09 16:47:38 ET

woo fun

sounds like montana ;-P

2006-06-09 16:58:49 ET


ya know.. in a way. he kinda reminded me of you.
lol j/k j/k.

if it were you... or any other person not a redneck posing as a thug.. i probably would've taken up the offer of being "holla" ed at again.

2006-06-09 17:30:58 ET

how fun ;-P

2006-06-09 18:28:54 ET

lol..oh yea

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