rain, friends, and that other shit..
2006-08-12 06:09:06 ET

Soooo my friend Jess, from MD is down here visiting. we are having a good time. She's down here til tomorrow.
Jason and I might have to take her back to MD.
What a tease.
I'll only be able to be there a couple of hours and then we have to head back here.
Its rained alot, but we've been having fun.
We went to MB the other day and then to Garden City Pier, then to the Causeway for a couple of drinks and then home.
Yesterday we didnt do much of anything. cause i was dead tired.
Today we are going to Pawleys Island, even though it is going to rain again. But she wants to swim in the ocean...so yea.
We're gunna get eat by sharks.....

right now I'm looking at ideas online for my next tattoo, i want a skull cause i have an obsession with them, but i cant find what i want so i'm going to get a couple of ideas and work with it.

Its been a couple of days for me and Jason.
we are both such hornballs, its rediculous.
so hopefully after jess goes back we will be able to accomplish the deed with no interuptions.
we tried yesterday and within 20 minutes was interupted twice.
once by a phone call.
and the second time by our food arriving early.
and last night i went to bed at like 1am-1:30am...and Jason didnt come into bed until like 3-3:30am. so i was done passes out.. and i was too tired anyway.
oooo i just wanna rape him.

crazy night last night. we got sooooo stoned at lee's.
oh, it was hilarious.
i was wearing my new scooby doo shirt that says "Got Munchies?"...oh my.. boy did it fit the day. lol.

I hate my job, whats new.
I'm just sick of having to go from morning shift to graveyard shift and vise versa.
its killing me.
i never sleep.
last night was just because i was sooo exhusted.

i so sleepy right now.i'm soo glad i only for until 3pm today.
now bitches better be on time.
i'm sick of everyone always being a half hour late when i'm working.
my reliefs suck.
and the sad part is that they are my managers.

i could go for a cigarette, some banana popsicles, a glass of sex on the beach, a QP, and some lovins from my baby right now.

but here i can have the cigarette, so i guess i'll settle for that right now.
i can have the popsicle, weed, and lovins when i get home.

hope you cool cats are having a good weekend!

tell me about your mischief.

2006-08-12 06:17:43 ET

ohhhh banana popsicles are the best!

2006-08-12 06:20:13 ET

yes! I know. I got a bag of 24 twin banana pops for a buck fifty at walmart the other day.

they are the greatest! i cant wait to go home and eat one.

2006-08-12 07:00:07 ET

god damnit! i wanna get stoned. I hafta wait till my fucking drug test on the 24th.

everyone of my professionally done tats are skulls. 4 of them. i'm getting a star on my wrist at the end of the month.

2006-08-13 02:55:24 ET

i know how you feel.. i use ta haveta worry about that shit until i started at this hotel. you kinda need to get stoned to handle this job.

all 4 of my tats are different. i cant wait to get my skullie.

2006-08-13 07:45:38 ET

working stoned makes me lazy. haha. i just wanna get stoned at my house and watch tv!!!

2006-08-13 14:41:11 ET

lol..i just wanna get stoned and fuck jason...... well.. thats all the time... but being stoned makes me want it more...

2006-08-13 17:03:08 ET

alcohol makes me want it. everyone says x makes them horny...bt i dont get it. i'm always super fucked up crazy like off that shti and cant even think about sex. people are weird.

2006-08-15 23:27:58 ET

same here, man.
All i can think about his smiling and being happy happy HAPPY. lol.

2006-08-16 07:02:43 ET

haha, x is awesome

2006-08-16 13:37:42 ET


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