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i'm jenna.

i like texas. laughing too loud. music. good friends. kissing. dancing. staying in my underwear all day. books. good news. holding hands. colorful skin.

i am geniune. honest. dependable. tired. hateful. silly. hopeful. wanting. contradicting.

     2006-09-09 19:33:33 ET
duke's birthday party is tonight. i can't decide if i want to drive to tyler and go or stay in town and hang out with my lady friends. decisions, decisions.

i watched dane cook's comedy special vicious circle when i got home from work today. oh my god. hilarity. I DID MY BEST. I DID MY BEST!also, the at the end when he talked about jerking it in front of your partner was pretty spot on. they really do say, "do you like that?" every single time. next time i am going to say no. spice things up a bit.

my best friend's mom called today with his address in jail. apparently they won't allow anyone to visit but her until he sees the judge. i miss him horribly. at least i will be getting real mail again. honestly, i don't think i have gotten a real letter from a friend since i was in elementary school. lauren hill and i sent each other letters and lisa frank stickers every week, even though we only lived ten minutes away. anyone want to be penpals? i'll send you stickers and mood rings!

     2006-08-25 04:06:05 ET
i was just about to have sex with this really tall guy that had beautiful dimples and a shaved head. then i woke up. LAME.

why do i always wake up before the sex in my sex dreams?! i need to get laid.

     2006-08-24 04:13:25 ET
is it possible to have allergies right now? i know everyone gets them in the spring, but what about late summer? my sinuses are so fucked and i can't stop sneezing. normally i love to sneeze, but these are the hurting ones that come five in a row. blah.

i'm now reading the lovely bones and i absolutely cannot put it down. i really like it. people kept telling me to read it but i thought it might be another perks of being a wallflower that everyone says "oh yes i've read that it's wonderful!" just to gain some imaginary myspace scene points. but this book is actually good. so yeah.

in other news, i've decided not to go stay in des moines for a few months. i feel like being up there would only bring me closer to my many mistakes from the past few years and would probably, as a whole, be a terrible choice. instead codi is just coming straight to austin in november where we will live happily ever after.

p.s. why do i always attract the same kind of guy in slightly different skin? dooone with that. i need a lady friend.

     2006-08-21 15:32:33 ET
started a new book today. the sad truth about happiness. here is an excerpt i really liked.

although i was an easy child, i don't believe that i was any happier than average. i had the usual sorrows and fears, all of which i felt it was important to conceal from my parents, who i believed were counting on me. for example, from the time i was eight, i was acutely afraid of the dark, a mistrust that has never entirely left me. it isn't the darkness that worries me, but what it might contain, the thing or person or beast that might, with a sudden inhalation, a low growl, and a scurry of nails against the floorboards, as the only dreadful, brief forewarning, spring out to seize me, then pull me limb from limb or worse. a fear of the unknown, unseen, unseeable. i do my best to rationalize away the remnants of this fear that still lingers, and i am usually successful.

this describes a huge piece of me. i like that silly reassurance i find in books, that someone must have felt the same way i do at some point or another.

so, besides the reading, my day was boring and uneventful. how was your's?

     2006-08-19 15:54:25 ET
i have the whoooole weekend off. so awesome. busy day of watching food network and eating pickles. you are jealous, i know, but try to contain your envy.

i ordered some new plugs today. i'm going to be at an inch, finally. pretty excited about that. so everyone pool together and buy me lots of lovely plugs from glasswear studios. the foil square ones to be specific.

this morning i went to the bank in tights and a camisole. it looked like i was wearing a leotard. it made me laugh a lot. i find myself pretty hilarious. that's got to stand for something.

sometimes i sit in front of the mirror and talk to myself. is that weird?

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