2006-08-19 15:54:25 ET

i have the whoooole weekend off. so awesome. busy day of watching food network and eating pickles. you are jealous, i know, but try to contain your envy.

i ordered some new plugs today. i'm going to be at an inch, finally. pretty excited about that. so everyone pool together and buy me lots of lovely plugs from glasswear studios. the foil square ones to be specific.

this morning i went to the bank in tights and a camisole. it looked like i was wearing a leotard. it made me laugh a lot. i find myself pretty hilarious. that's got to stand for something.

sometimes i sit in front of the mirror and talk to myself. is that weird?

2006-08-19 16:03:05 ET

youre right, i am jealous, i miss the food network sooo much.

as for the talking to your self thing, no not at all. i mostly talk to my self when im walking. i once had a whole conversation with my self that a creepy bus driver over heard, when i realized he had been eavesdropping i scolded my self for being so weird and walked away. im sure it made his is day.

2006-08-20 08:19:28 ET

i sing and dance loud and obnoxious while in my car, even at redlights. sometimes i look over and someone is watching me and laughing, i just laugh right along with them. at least it gives us both something to smile about later.

2006-08-20 10:02:38 ET

its good you dont take life to seriously all the time.

2006-08-20 14:43:46 ET

i'm jealous... extremely jealous...i had to go to the bar, get drunk and watch my boyfriends band play this weekend.. and i have to do the same all next weekend while i'm off. its a real drag i tell ya.

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