2006-08-24 04:13:25 ET

is it possible to have allergies right now? i know everyone gets them in the spring, but what about late summer? my sinuses are so fucked and i can't stop sneezing. normally i love to sneeze, but these are the hurting ones that come five in a row. blah.

i'm now reading the lovely bones and i absolutely cannot put it down. i really like it. people kept telling me to read it but i thought it might be another perks of being a wallflower that everyone says "oh yes i've read that it's wonderful!" just to gain some imaginary myspace scene points. but this book is actually good. so yeah.

in other news, i've decided not to go stay in des moines for a few months. i feel like being up there would only bring me closer to my many mistakes from the past few years and would probably, as a whole, be a terrible choice. instead codi is just coming straight to austin in november where we will live happily ever after.

p.s. why do i always attract the same kind of guy in slightly different skin? dooone with that. i need a lady friend.

2006-08-24 04:59:55 ET

What is the lovely bones about?

2006-08-24 05:15:29 ET

I've avoided the perks of being a wallflower I just have a feeling it's thoroughly over rated.

2006-08-24 07:19:50 ET

i read it when it had first came out. pre-hype. its definately not over rated.

2006-08-25 04:09:55 ET

blip - it's about a 12 year old girl that is murdered and how the lives of her family changes and turns while she watches from "her heaven." i finished it yesterday evening, sooooo good. please read it!

3nk1du - i read the perks of being a wallflower when it first came out years and years ago. it's an okay book, not bad at all, but i just hate how people latch on to one book and say that is their favorite just because they haven't read anything else. if i were you i would read it, just rent it at the library.

likenooneelse - i agree! it was so wonderful! i'm so glad i decided to read it anyway :]

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