2006-08-21 15:32:33 ET

started a new book today. the sad truth about happiness. here is an excerpt i really liked.

although i was an easy child, i don't believe that i was any happier than average. i had the usual sorrows and fears, all of which i felt it was important to conceal from my parents, who i believed were counting on me. for example, from the time i was eight, i was acutely afraid of the dark, a mistrust that has never entirely left me. it isn't the darkness that worries me, but what it might contain, the thing or person or beast that might, with a sudden inhalation, a low growl, and a scurry of nails against the floorboards, as the only dreadful, brief forewarning, spring out to seize me, then pull me limb from limb or worse. a fear of the unknown, unseen, unseeable. i do my best to rationalize away the remnants of this fear that still lingers, and i am usually successful.

this describes a huge piece of me. i like that silly reassurance i find in books, that someone must have felt the same way i do at some point or another.

so, besides the reading, my day was boring and uneventful. how was your's?

2006-08-24 09:31:03 ET

blah, i'm just waking up... we threw a massive dinner party for my friend Dan's 22nd b-day
it was stellar.

no matter how much i grow and mature, no matter how social i'v e been able to become over the past few years....
I'll still always find solace and that reassurance of magical memories that comes from countless hours reading fantastic books in serendipitous situations where the world just feels right.

i can be in the loudest most chaotic time or place, but if I have a great book, i can lose myself and recharge.

2006-08-25 04:11:28 ET

you understand me completely.

i carry a book with me in my purse at all times, and it is exactly those moments when it feels like i'm about to scream and completely lose it that i just sit in the corner and read. and breathe. :]

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