2006-08-17 04:08:43 ET
oh my goodness gracious i am tired. i wish today was friday.

i love damien rice. tell me some new music to listen to.

tonight is ultimate fight night live and new season of the ultimate fighter. yes, you heard me right, i am obsessed with the ufc. i don't think there could be a more lady like and demure sport for me to follow. i have a crush on pretty much every fighter and i've decided what i'm looking for is a real vag punisher like chuck liddel to slam me against the wall and take what's rightfully his while putting me in a choke hold.

 every day is my birthday.    2006-08-14 18:01:01 ET

buy me presents. plzkthnx.

 this is what heroes are made of.    2006-08-12 06:07:51 ET

     2006-08-11 04:15:03 ET
working six days a week really makes me want to punch throats. i'm going to go to the library on my lunch break, though. new books always make me feel better.

plans for this weekend:

cheap vodka and expensive tequila.
going to work hungover.
six feet under marathon.
medium rare steak.
pajamas and messy hair.

as you can see, i've got big plans.

     2006-08-09 17:48:31 ET
oh man, i love project runway. i am going to bake some chocolate chip cookies, drink the biggest glass of milk ever and cuddle with my cat. jealous?

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