2006-08-17 04:08:43 ET

oh my goodness gracious i am tired. i wish today was friday.

i love damien rice. tell me some new music to listen to.

tonight is ultimate fight night live and new season of the ultimate fighter. yes, you heard me right, i am obsessed with the ufc. i don't think there could be a more lady like and demure sport for me to follow. i have a crush on pretty much every fighter and i've decided what i'm looking for is a real vag punisher like chuck liddel to slam me against the wall and take what's rightfully his while putting me in a choke hold.

2006-08-19 20:07:41 ET

damien rice has a really lovely voice.

my mom watches nothing but ufc and anything that has to do with building something. yet she walks with her pinkies out. i often joke with her saying if she was a guy she'd be the gayest man imaginable.

2006-08-21 04:29:02 ET

one of my best chica friends is getting married in a month from some top shit UFC dude.

they're actually surprisingly really nice guy's... went to they're bbq last week, i have proof!

2006-08-21 15:05:28 ET

storm- can i please come live with you and go to mma fighter bbq's?! i don't need much and i will live in your closet...

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