this is what heroes are made of.
2006-08-12 06:07:51 ET

2006-08-12 06:11:20 ET


2006-08-12 06:11:34 ET

i dig the tats by the way! pretty fuckin sweet!

2006-08-12 06:14:24 ET

thanks, lady. you aren't too bad yourself :]

2006-08-12 06:20:31 ET

thanks :D

2006-08-12 07:26:31 ET

haha. that guy is funny.

2006-08-13 08:48:19 ET

That is a great picture. He is a very funny actor and I just saw him in My Super Ex-Girlfriend

2006-08-14 17:54:53 ET

vasa - i want to see that movie! also, i am now obsessed with you. i have many fantasies about men in uniform ;]

2006-08-14 18:17:01 ET

hahaha, you make me laugh. I am not in uniform so much anymore. I am in the National Guard now! I actually just left Texas a few months ago. I will be back in Austin in about two weeks partying

Fantasize away!

2006-08-15 15:32:48 ET

fuck yes. dwight por vida.

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