2006-09-09 19:33:33 ET

duke's birthday party is tonight. i can't decide if i want to drive to tyler and go or stay in town and hang out with my lady friends. decisions, decisions.

i watched dane cook's comedy special vicious circle when i got home from work today. oh my god. hilarity. I DID MY BEST. I DID MY BEST!also, the at the end when he talked about jerking it in front of your partner was pretty spot on. they really do say, "do you like that?" every single time. next time i am going to say no. spice things up a bit.

my best friend's mom called today with his address in jail. apparently they won't allow anyone to visit but her until he sees the judge. i miss him horribly. at least i will be getting real mail again. honestly, i don't think i have gotten a real letter from a friend since i was in elementary school. lauren hill and i sent each other letters and lisa frank stickers every week, even though we only lived ten minutes away. anyone want to be penpals? i'll send you stickers and mood rings!

2006-09-09 20:18:41 ET

Dane Cook is fuckin awesome!!

2006-09-09 21:07:53 ET

Does this Duke live with a guy named Jon?

2006-09-10 18:17:45 ET

I want a penpal who loves dane cook!!

2006-09-10 19:57:49 ET

why a penpal?

2006-09-11 10:10:44 ET

getting mail is fun.

2006-09-13 14:46:35 ET

yes, i agree. nothing more thrilling than a tangible letter written by hand.

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