back in SC
2006-08-16 01:06:23 ET

so my day in MD, back home, was alright... kinda a tease, but enjoyable.
Seen a few friends and family members.
We got lost on the way back, so i ended up being 2 hours late for work.
i've had no sleep.
Jason is outside in the parking lot sleeping.
its 6am, i get off at 8am.
i cant fuckin wait.

2006-08-16 01:07:34 ET should be on yahoo ;-P

2006-08-16 01:14:40 ET

i'm at work.

2006-08-16 01:35:01 ET

work is silly!

2006-08-16 01:39:15 ET

i know...and imma bout to fall asleep ......
i'm so bored...

2006-08-16 02:24:34 ET

holy balls woman! Im sorry!
Glad you had fun though.
Im ignoring work.
I dont wanna go.
Though I really should

2006-08-16 13:36:43 ET

work sucks... i wish i could avoid it.

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