what is wrong with me??
2006-08-16 19:27:43 ET

...so... everything has been building up...and today i finally had an emotional breakdown.
thank god Jason was around.

Today I had a migraine so bad i couldnt open my eyes in the light and i threw up 3 times in an hour from it.
also my stomache has been upset alot lately.
I'm always tired.
Jason told me if i get a migraine like that again i'm going to the doctor.

I'm off friday and saturday this weekend. and according to next weeks schedule i have the same days off then.
which is fuckin awesome, cause Jason has a show saturday at Tracy's First String.
and then next weekend he plays fri. and sat at the Causeway.

Next week I'm suppose to be working 3 out of my 4 days as evening. YAY!

2006-08-17 07:42:15 ET

Migraines blow. I've had them before. I had to be put on a perscription for them. If you keep getting them, you should go to the dr for some relief.

2006-08-17 07:53:13 ET

I haven't had a migraine yet *knocks on wood*, but I'm sure I'll get at least one after our baby is born!!!
Hope you don't get them for a while or anymore! Doctors give such great pain meds...lol.

2006-08-17 09:55:28 ET

WrathofGlasses- Yes, Jason already said if I'm like that again he is dragging me to the doctor.

Snow- Thank you! I hope you dont get one as well.
And yes the DRs do give good pain meds.

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