puppies.... *grinning*
2006-09-24 22:29:04 ET

So I'm soon going to be the new mommy to a puppy. He is part bull dog.

I'm thinking about naming him Malachi.
I dont know why, i just really like the name.

I'm excited!

I think next week I get to bring him home!

this pup is going to be so spoiled and babied. cause hes gunna be my baby. lol.

2006-09-25 07:26:47 ET

Ooh, yay Congrats on the puppy!!!

Also, one to two syllable names make the best and obedient animal, because it's not too long for their memory to catch the "crest" in your tone to recognize your voice and realize you want their attention.

Take pictures of your new pup when you get him/her!!! I love dogs...they are so cute and playful.

2006-09-25 17:18:32 ET

I know Malachi is three syllables, but i'm lazy and will probably just end up calling him chi.

i will definetly be posting pictures.

2006-09-26 00:56:15 ET

bulldogs are teh shiznit

2006-09-26 01:06:32 ET

i know they are cuties!

I'm going to make him the most loveable child-friendly dog EVER!

he will be though, cause I'm living with Jason now and his nieces arethere almost every day so they will be playing with him and whatnot.

Ooooooo!!!!! I'm so excited! I cant wait to get him!

2006-09-26 10:30:42 ET

he's gonna poop on yer pillow.

2006-09-26 15:31:55 ET

maybe once of twice, but that will end quick.

stop wishing my puppy to do bad things to me!

2006-09-27 05:33:03 ET


2006-09-27 07:30:17 ET

Puppies can be trained to use doggy litter boxes. At least for the weaning part of their house-training development. My mom-in-law's Mini Pincher uses the litter box at night and early in the AM.

I wanna see pictures!!!!

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