2006-10-13 12:56:03 ET

here are some pictures of my son... Wyatt...

for some reason he likes Jason's shoes

Me and Wyatt ( please excuse my face.. i've been sick and have no make up on)

Wyatt playing with Jason's sisters dog, Layla.

and here she is about to eat his


i'm sure thats enough for now.. i got my new camera and these are the results.
hope you enjoy, my joy.

2006-10-13 14:17:45 ET

all at once now...


2006-10-13 18:01:20 ET

Nice ending with the fangs and evil green eyes

2006-10-13 23:04:44 ET

lol.. yes.. i know.. Layla is the sweetest dog..but Wyatt just brought out the demon in her.. lol. we all laughed at this picture.

2006-10-16 05:36:33 ET

wait... I thought that was some stuffed animal monster for halloween!

2006-10-16 07:04:09 ET

lol.. nope..thats a dog.

2006-10-17 08:09:30 ET

can I come steal her?

2006-10-17 12:06:33 ET i would be severly saddened if anyone took him...

but he has 3 brothers that need a home... :D

2006-10-17 12:59:56 ET

if only I could have a pet! it would be a worthwhile drive too.

2006-10-18 19:05:31 ET

oh my gosh he is adoooooorable!

2006-10-18 19:13:09 ET

thank you!!

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