what is wrong with people..
2006-12-17 04:44:58 ET

soo here is alittle of whats been going on...
you can check it out here...at this spot
drama drama drama

Jason and I have trackors on our myspace pages... and its interesting to see who looks at his page.
like his ex girl friend he dated for 6 yrs that basically started cheating on him before she broke up with him. She looks at his page EVERYDAY.
its amusing. my sister look at my page almost every hour.. shes such a stalker. lol.

5 days til Jason comes home.
I miss him soo much. and with everything that has gone on the past two days.. i could really use him around.

my nerves have been soo shot that I've been shaking for the whole time. it sucks.

2006-12-18 17:37:25 ET

I want a tracker on my myspace! How do you get one O.o?

2007-01-01 09:54:54 ET

yeah, what tracker actually works?

2007-01-01 11:06:45 ET


thats the one that works.. and yes it really does work.

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