Howdy Hoe!!!
2008-08-26 14:51:19 ET

So... second day of classes went well. Had to write a 5 paragragh essay in english today. I'm about to start my reading for psyhc class. I feel in a happy typing/replying mood today. So I've just been reading peoples entries and replying, since it seems that I read all of them and rarely reply to my sk buddies anymore.

How are you all doing this fine evening???

2008-08-26 15:36:27 ET

Wonderful! My hubby made me supper. :)

2008-08-27 05:20:35 ET

Thats awesome!
Jason started dinner, but I ended up having to finish it, but thats ok, he was trying to fix our car. :D

2008-08-27 15:06:26 ET

Ooh, I'd much rather make supper than work on a car. Sounds like a real handy-man you got there! ;)

2008-08-28 14:43:56 ET

lol. not really...well let me say it like this, once he puts his mind to something and wants to know how to do it...he will figure learn everything he can about it and to it, other people show him how to do to cvar stuff. his dad has been sick most of jason's life, so he could never really show him too much of the guy stuff.

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