it seems like...
2009-03-02 10:17:57 ET

all I do is post updates on here. But this is what I'm doing again.
Jason and I have moved into our own place and its fucking awesome!! I love living in my own house where I can do what I want when I want.
We are kinda poor so we wont be able to get our internet hooked up until next month. It sucks, cause I don't really have anything to pass the time.
In Dec. I read all the 'Twilight Saga' books in less than a week. I really really enjoyed them. And yes they are very addictive, I believe the pages are laced with crack because I'm reading them for the 3rd time. I was excited when I discovered the other day that all of the book are definitely doing to be made into movies. I like to see books come to life on the big screen.
School has been going great. My classmates are kick ass and so is my instructors.
Jason and I have decided that we are going to try to have a baby next year. Hopefully get pregnant before the end of 2009 and have the baby in 2010. But I just got off of my birth control last month, and some people I know it has taken them a year ofter quitting birth control to get pregnant. I should be at my goal weight by July, which means I'm be at a very healthy weight to get pregnant.

Life all together has been really nice the past few months.

How are all my SK friends?

2009-03-02 19:51:09 ET

Yay for babies! My hubby and I are getting sloooowly closer to being able to try for a baby. Watch out though...some people get off b/c one month and get preggo the next!! *cough-fyuree-cough*

2009-03-04 11:32:37 ET

lol. that is true.
Thats good to hear. We are ready for a baby.

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