update, with pictures, as promised
2010-01-08 07:44:01 ET

so, if its not one thing, its another. such is life. lol. after putting $700 into my car to "fix it", the engine blows up. Whatever, I'm done with that car. no more money into it, we are sending it to the scrap metal yard. We are going to get a new vehicle, Jasons next day off we are going to look around. Mommyhood, is AMAZING! Marleigh is a very good baby. She loves a bath and if shes not in the tub by 9:30pm every night, she will let you know you are forgetting her bath. As soon as her skin touches the water, shes totally content. Shes growing like a weed, smiling, and cooing. I had to supplement formula, which sucks because I didn't want to, but i wasn't producing enough. But after making a trip to the wic department to get more formula, the breastfeeding consultant pulled me into her office, for much needed support and knowledge. I had no idea that there were herbal supplements and prescription meds that I could take to help build my milk supply. Shame on the docotrs and nurses for not letting me know that and making me feel like I just wasn't good enough. Its like they truly feel that formula is so much better for your baby. I was right on the edge of giving up on breastfeeding. But I'm making a trip to gnc in a few days to get Fenugreek, and Marleigh is going to get more breastmilk.
Jasons job is going great, hes been bringing home $1,000+ pay checks. So we are slowly getting back on our feet. Next month we are going MD, I'm the maid of honor in my friends wedding. I'm excited to go back and see my friends and family.
ok..as promised, here are new pictures of Marleigh.

Marleigh and mommy

ok, more will be put up when i get them uploaded off my camera.

2010-01-08 08:36:02 ET

shes soooo cute!

2010-01-08 08:58:24 ET

Oh my word, she's adorable!! I love her smile!

Glad you are getting to breastfeed like you want. Stupid drs. Seriously.

2010-01-08 09:07:29 ET

Thank you both!

Like my boyfriend says, they are in a "practice" and its called that for a reason. Take what they say and use it at your discretion.

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