letters...want one?
2002-08-12 11:32:30 ET

just got done writing letters....any one else want one and some presents too??...just tell me!

2002-08-12 11:34:58 ET

letters to what? i would love a letter!

2002-08-12 11:47:45 ET

letters to you. I also include presents ;)

2002-08-12 11:47:59 ET

I write letters to people..

2002-08-12 11:48:42 ET

thats awesome.,.. mm letters and presents what a lovely combination! why do you write letters to people? avec presents...?

2002-08-12 11:51:41 ET

Cause I'm bored.. and they are bored..so makes fun things to do...I include wierd, crazy fun presents, small ones..that fit in an envolope. If you want a letter..just PM me your

First Name Last name
Street address or PO Box
City, State

And in a week or 2 you will recieve a wonderful interesting letter from me with some odd fun presents.

2002-08-12 11:54:29 ET

: ) sounds awesome.. the only problemo is I live in Canada, eh? lol.. sorry i had to include the eh! if you still want to send a letter that would be great if not i would understand. when i am bored i make clothes

2002-08-12 12:02:57 ET

hehe cool. I would love to send ye a letta . hehe..making clothes is fun-O.

2002-08-12 12:03:49 ET

i know! i made this AMAZZZZZING skirt.. i love it so much.. its almost finished one more hem and its perfection.. my next project is a pair of pants. .

2002-08-12 12:05:34 ET


2002-08-12 12:11:12 ET

SmartAssBarbie= PM me your address...like I instructed above.

2002-08-12 12:11:48 ET

BrownEyedGirl= awesome..you should take pix and email em to me!

2002-08-12 15:23:02 ET

i should shouldn't i1 that i will do

2002-08-12 15:25:00 ET

awesome :D

2002-08-12 15:26:00 ET

lol maybe ass ( a great friend of mine thats her nickname.) will let me use her digital camera... perhaps..

2002-08-12 15:53:54 ET

you're already sending me one right?!?!?!

2002-08-12 16:31:01 ET


2002-08-12 16:32:46 ET

yay ::jumps up and down::

2002-08-13 08:08:26 ET


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