2002-08-19 18:56:47 ET

The warden is telling me I have to go to bed..so I'l probably just lay i the dark until 3 am.

2002-08-19 18:58:05 ET

LoL, dam parents evil!

2002-08-19 18:59:10 ET


2002-08-19 19:00:56 ET

my parents are in bed beforei am.. why don't you read? or write.. listen to music..

2002-08-19 19:08:16 ET

aww..well hey sometime this week im gonna call ya again so if you cant be online..hehe we'll talk on the phone.

2002-08-19 19:09:20 ET

Sounds grand.. hehe.. I like your redone page.. It kicks major ass..

2002-08-20 05:18:54 ET

BrownEyedGirl= I don't have any new books to read, I've already read them all. I can't write because I am not in the state of mind to write. I have to have something to write about..that I'm passionate about.

Cyndi= Hehe..yay! Maybe this weekend or something..no shit, I'm suppose to go with Krystal to Altoona. Ehh, just tell me when you want to call. But when school gets in, your probably going to have to call on weekends, because my mom and dad want me to be in bed at atleast 11:30/ 12pm because I'm such a bitch to get up in the mornings.

Crys= hehe..thanx.. :D

2002-08-20 09:37:02 ET

hehehe no prob. whenever you have time just let me know =)

2002-08-20 11:35:12 ET

:) hey guys... whats is the best way to work out when you dont know any one in your new town

2002-08-20 11:38:59 ET

Uhhhh....pushups, sit ups, crunches, squats ( for your legs) ehhh......

2002-08-20 12:59:01 ET

hehe... ok.. Yeah..

2002-08-20 13:04:06 ET


2002-08-20 13:53:40 ET

i always have new books. i normally read like 3 or four at a time. i write about everything and anything,, music is alwyas good though

2002-08-20 14:24:38 ET

So do i.. books, music.. thats what my life is about.. and WRITING.. yes writing

2002-08-20 14:25:47 ET

dito! i love writing things down and learning new things.. thats why i love school.. yes i said it.. i love school. when i don't skip classes. i love taking pictures.. its so great

2002-08-20 14:26:51 ET

me too.. I love school.. and my last two years of highschool i skiped alot.. dearlord.. but i was out doing something like writing or going to a concert or someting

2002-08-20 14:31:39 ET

kewl. i'm going into my second year of high school. i skipped a lot second semester of grade nine. i skipped when i was with friends have intellectual conversations about society or love or religion. i just don't like teachers very much. i honestly think that they abuse their power a wee bit too much

2002-08-20 14:42:05 ET

so do i.. its crazy its like they think their god or something.. but yeah.. out of highschool in the college.. its weird

2002-08-20 14:51:45 ET

what are you majoring in? what do you want to do? i think the worst profession would be a teacher or something IN the school.. think about it.. you'd be there forever.. i love it.. but not that much!

2002-08-20 16:11:09 ET

Biology... i like science, and i am good at it... and i am also majoring in Literature, and minoring in Music

2002-08-20 16:12:02 ET

what do you plan on doing?

2002-08-20 16:15:45 ET

field researcher

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