2002-09-07 12:54:54 ET

ya know that song where its like " THEY SHOOT CHILDREN!!" by Oi Polloi. Well I really wish people shot children, cause around 3 a clock I woul've paid someone to come shoot this little asshole... Fucker! I'm glad he left to go to his friends house..he threw a huge remote control car at me!! It fuckin hurt, so I threw it back at him! Damn violent 12 year olds!! Well now that hes gone and the girls are fed. Me and the girls (tiffani 7, sydni 3) are going for a walk . Maybe we'll stop by the park so they can play:D......well ta ta for now!

2002-09-07 13:10:38 ET

i love oi polloi!

2002-09-07 13:38:39 ET

yes, shoot all the children.

2002-09-07 13:51:00 ET

children now-a-days are VERY violent and anger controlled. they neve rcome outside and they are mean to eveyrone.. our world is in their hands

2002-09-07 13:53:29 ET

they are also nasty pick-pockets, well in Ireland, anyway.

2002-09-07 13:55:05 ET

thats no good. i've never had someone steal from me. it makes you wonder where they learn things like this

2002-09-07 13:58:44 ET

nah, I think it's more entertaining than anything else, from what I've heard they usually grow out of it.

2002-09-07 14:10:15 ET

thats good. its just sad that GOOD kids go bad.. *smiles brightly*

2002-09-07 15:30:59 ET

The girls are fine..its just the boy...

2002-09-08 17:31:07 ET

but some girls are bad.. girls can be very promiscuous

2002-09-08 17:58:30 ET

yeah..but these are little girls..

2002-09-08 18:02:25 ET

my little sister used to have a huge attitude problem.. but i whiped her into shape lol. perhaps its all the violence that they consume daily.

2002-09-08 18:05:45 ET


2002-09-08 21:05:27 ET

Children should be obscene and not herd.

2002-09-09 11:41:00 ET

lol agreed.

2002-09-09 16:26:17 ET


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