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2002-09-26 16:24:49 ET

bah dunt da dunt dunt dunt buah da dunt baewel dell neail nail bewel del nail nail.....

I've have the pink panther theme in my head ALL DAY. I'm in a exceptionally awesome mood today. Krystal came last and we drove around, talked about how boys have PMS worse-this weekend-the peter pan doll in her car looking like AJ-my dog- my mom an dad- her mom and stepdad, smoked, looked for jobs....

Today went to school. I had THO alllllllll was freezing balls in my school. Of course I'm kinda thin-blood so, that didn't help me out much at all.From the mid terms I have recieved so far its looking pretty good...
Government-B+ (84%)
Criminal Justice= A (92%)
Earth Science= C
Communications Technology= B
and thats all I know right now..oh
Art= A+ (100%)
so parents are proud of me...thats the 1st time in along time..since I won the science fair in 8/9th grade. Oh my. Going to Hyndman this weekend, next weekend, and the weekend after next. Me and Krysole ( my nickname for her) are making our costumes, we are going to be FAERIES!!! hehe..they are gunna rock..well gotta go..have home work to do, and needa talk to my husband.....Cheers! I love you and miss you all..if you miss me too much...send me an e-mail to

2002-09-26 16:31:20 ET

OOoOo im glad you are in a awsome mood..and yes i need to start emailing you too!!! errr cuz i miss ya!!

i love ya. <3

2002-09-26 18:28:37 ET

Glad to hear you are in a better mood. I am too. :) (I've been more morose than usual lately...being very mopey goth-like. LOL!)

2002-09-26 18:57:30 ET

Cyndi- yes! EMAIL ME!!
TeRRoR- do the same..
thank you to both..but AJ took my good mood away..I was singing all these crazy songs cause I was happy and he toldm e to " shut the hell up!" ...made me sad..and I was like " if you can't stand this, how are you going to be able to tolorate me tomorrow when you know I'm going to be twice as hyper as this.."

2002-09-26 18:59:24 ET

he was like " i will be able too..cause I'll be hyper too and happy to see you!"..made me alittle better..but my exceptionally awesome mood has been tainted...

2002-09-26 19:59:09 ET

tainted? lol. Well, anecdote... just picture the Pink Panther smokin dope. Is it just me or does that give you goosebumps?

2002-09-27 04:30:57 ET

Marks are trivial and don't really matter that much, as long as you learn the shit, that's all that matters, marks are deceiving as hell and are in no way a good measure of someones intelligence.

Oh yeah and


2002-09-27 10:19:31 ET

ZeN- hahaha...that cracks me panther smokin' a "j" in the corner of an alley...hehe...

Rudiger- yes, you are right, but I must get good grades to go to college, and to make my parents happy and less frustrated with me...

2002-09-27 20:20:22 ET

fuck em, that's my philosophy, i could only be my parents show and tell for so long before i decided to do my own thing. Now, i get good marks in college, cause I want to and not because someone else wants me to

2002-09-28 07:19:19 ET

well I need these 2 years of good marks FOR college...and I really want to go to the Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography

2002-09-28 11:23:13 ET

Then do it up, just don't do it for your parents and shit, do it cause you want to. It'll be soo much easier for you to get the marks if you want to get them, not cause someone else wants you to. I've been on both sides of the fence.

2002-09-29 07:14:50 ET

I'm actully doing it for both reasons..

2002-09-29 11:00:10 ET

good shit, at least you're doing it for yourself, it's much easier that way

2002-09-29 17:27:09 ET


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