the chair......
2002-09-29 17:36:44 ET

its amazing how many different positions you can have sex in in a chair......

2002-09-29 17:43:06 ET

ha splenty

2002-09-29 17:43:09 ET

AMEN! haha, had fun tonight i'm assuming?

2002-09-29 17:55:54 ET

no last night...

2002-09-29 17:58:30 ET

haha, good to hear! glad somebody's gettin some haha

2002-09-29 18:25:48 ET

yea...kinda sore this morning..not only where you think..but my back, hips, and like the muscles that go from like your but up through your back, and my yea..and I'm oh so tired..we didn't get to bed until 3am. and he got me up at 9...

2002-09-29 18:34:16 ET

haha, taht's awesome, no it's because of the posture you were in, it's especially hard on the lower back, i been there, can sympathize with you haha.

2002-09-30 06:30:26 ET

yeah.. on the arm of the chair, laying on half the chair ( its a big comfy chair), uh kinda bent over the chair ( not up the assif thats what you're thinkin'), me on we had sex 4 times the other night...and all those positions were involved everytime...hmm... and I'm thinking you wished I would've not said all that...

2002-09-30 06:52:36 ET


2002-09-30 07:03:22 ET

hahaha..just hear no eville see no eville?? speak no eville?

2002-09-30 07:05:13 ET


2002-09-30 07:11:22 ET

Haha no worries, would be nice to get some though, i gotta get me a girlfriend haha

2002-09-30 17:44:13 ET

go find one! you're a can get one!

2002-09-30 18:27:43 ET

ill be your girlfriend rudi

2002-09-30 18:27:51 ET

;) ;)

2002-10-01 04:58:40 ET

haha thanks ladies, trying to hook up with this chick now tho, sorry iwannabermom haha. She's a hottie fo sho

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