Sorry about the busy...
2002-10-09 14:40:15 ET

Ok, I know I haven't posted for awhile, I'm sorry. I've been busy. If I'm not in school I'm home, If I'm not home I'm in Hyndman. I'm either doing homework, painting ,sleeping or hanging out in Hyndman staying at either AJ's or Krystals. So I'm really not online that much. I'm only on, on weekdays mon-thur from 9:30pm til around 11:30pm. I'm also on Sundays around the same time, unless I'm tired and then I just come home and go to bed. So if you all are looking to talk to me you can either e-mail me at= or snail mail me, which you have to e-mail me for my addy anyway. Feel free to add me to any of the following messangers, yahoo,MSN or AOL..
well I miss you guys alot, but I hope to talk to everyone sometime during my busy-ness. I <3 yous!

2002-10-09 14:41:48 ET

ok! :D Happy to hear that u r enjoying ut time :)

2002-10-09 14:45:48 ET

thanx :D ...I don't know about enjoying it soo much. School is kinda a pain in the ass..

2002-10-09 14:46:38 ET

i was just kidding :P

2002-10-09 14:48:18 ET

hehe..ok then ;)

2002-10-09 14:54:59 ET

ya, i have your address, ill keep in touch.

otherwise, im mailing you tommorow

should be at your house around 2003

2002-10-09 14:56:13 ET


2002-10-09 15:53:40 ET

Hey, good to hear from you again, hope things have been well for you, feel free to add anymore sex stories haha jokes.

2002-10-09 21:31:59 ET

hey hey you owe me the snail mail letter =)

::hits self in forehead:: remember to email Nicole!

2002-10-10 13:54:11 ET

Rudiger= hehe thanx..hahaha..Oh on Sunday I should have an entry about sex...member "Check NiColes journal on Sundays for sex stories!" hahaha..

Cyndi Lou= Oh man, I know. I' haven't really had time.. I feel like a shithead now :(...I will do that tonight.. and try to send it out tomorrow. I promise, if not sent out tomorrow, than monday ;)

2002-10-10 16:34:33 ET

haha, member, "don't check nicoles journal on sunday" haha jokes

2002-10-10 20:59:08 ET


2002-10-13 16:20:50 ET


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