2002-10-17 18:35:25 ET

WARNING: Consumption of 3 or more Pumpkin Face Sugar Cookies, pilsbury roll stuff in can, will result in crayon green poop. I repeat, it will result in CRAYON GREEN POOP.

just to warn you guys... I found out the hard way..
I ate MANY cookies, I've been pooping crayon green for the last week..

I'm sleepy..so I think I'm going to bed now.
Have to get up before 12, get all my crap together, call Clay at 12, then we are hanging out, then hes taking me to Hyndman to see Anthony. Well goodnight my little lovebunnies :D

2002-10-17 18:49:44 ET

ive had green and orange . . . .
but for a week thats crazy!

2002-10-17 18:51:30 ET


2002-10-17 18:54:56 ET

hehe..Green poop is the shit!!..haha..thats funny..

2002-10-17 18:55:11 ET


2002-10-17 18:57:17 ET

lol. night.

2002-10-17 19:01:06 ET


2002-10-17 19:54:37 ET

i'll have to try haha

sounds like goodness

2002-10-17 22:14:01 ET

good nite hot stuff!

2002-10-18 07:56:12 ET

Oh RUDIGER it is...Green Poop is grrrrrrrrrrEAT!.

aww CYNDI LOU, you make me blush...**whisper " when do we get to have se... I mean make that movie??" **

2002-10-18 09:19:02 ET


2002-10-18 10:39:47 ET

haha, eating a lot of purple stuff makes ya shit green too, done that one before haha

2002-10-22 16:24:16 ET


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