No Matter How Far We've Come I Can't Wait To See Tomorrow
2004-02-13 16:39:59 ET

Happy Valentines Day you bit-chus. <3
Even though it sucks sometimes, I think it's kinda sweet seeing all the stuffed animals and shiz. :D
I never get anything though ; ;

This is BAT country.

2004-02-14 03:47:53 ET

jesus christ man!

2004-02-14 09:51:08 ET

No more talk of that or I'll put the fucking leeches on you again, understand?

2004-02-17 08:59:29 ET

I've found leeches on my crotch before.PLEASE NO!

2004-02-18 12:19:39 ET


2004-03-10 19:49:31 ET

bat country????????

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