Disclaimer: I'm pretty shy, so if you want to add me
fuckin' do it.

First things first. I am engaged and quite in love.
So don't fucking try anything, because it will be a waste of both of our time.
Right then. Moving on...
My name is Nikki
I love my life even though I'm jobless and broke.
I don't try to impress anybody.
I procrastinate like hell.
I'm kind of a hardass sometimes, because I'm not very empathetic.
I'm probably the most logical 18 year old you'll ever meet.

Even with that said...
I make friends easily, wether I want to or not.
You will probably fall in love with me. Sucks for you.
I'm just me. Nothing less, nothing more.
Sometimes I'm random and happy
and other times, I will tell you to fuck off.

I get bored easily.
I don't get pissed at anything anymore
because of two simple words;
Thus is life. Roll with it, don't bitch, and we'll get along fine.

The Boy

I have the best boyfriend in the world.
His name is Marshall and he completes everything I am.
I don't need to brag about him constantly
or post how we feel for each other here.
Know why?
Because we know, and that's all that
really matters. ♥
True, true, true love.


Nikki go RAWRRRR.2007-03-05 09:35:41 ET

'sup, boredom? :o

...2007-01-26 21:16:29 ET


That is all. ♥

Oh, forgetful.2007-01-19 19:03:39 ET

I forgot I even had an account on herrrreee. ♥
I doubt anybody remembers me.
But if you do, comment here. :D

And so then I says...2005-06-10 23:01:42 ET

Eheh, holy crap; I'm not dead. :D

Blahah2005-01-14 13:53:03 ET

...boo. o.o
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