Badger badger badger badger...2004-07-29 01:26:03 ET

Then Nikki got bored and scanned her face.

...that's nickname. to one person. and probably the only person I'd let call me that. cause we nicknames? I dunno...

but anyway.
I want a heartagram tattoo. like, now, please.

Green Tea2004-07-22 10:53:39 ET

Hello there.

Sporadic!2004-07-21 16:56:47 ET

Woo, I rented Fangoria's Blood Drive video. The finger one cracked me up.
I don't think I've ever laughed as hard as I did last night.
I called Marshall around 12:30 and J.R. picked up the phone and I didn't know it was him and he goes, "Whosis?" and so...yeah.
but then Marshall took the phone and yells, "OMG WE are buzzing!"
So yeah, I heard to really funny guys get hammered on Jack Daniels (Black label?).
Oh god it was funny.
"I can't feel my theeth!"
"ooOOH my toes are tingly. and so are my lips."
J.R. rated my hotness and I got a 9. I was like, woo! XD
A goth and a hick getting drunk...provides for funny times.

M: "DUDE walk over here NOW."
N: "I can't, do you know how much trouble I'd get in?"
M: "You wouldn't if you got back before they woke upppppp."
N: ".....*whimper*"

I almost did. o_o I was adshgfsjakfking tempted.

buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut anyway. Maybe I go to library today hopefully maybe?

Nnyarr. I am tired. but I just woke up. and I was up until 7:00. cause Sleepers is a good movie.

Mom's coming down tomorrow, I think...and I may be going to that boy's house this weekend.

"You dropped your pocket."
"Oh shit..." *begins looking around* "J.R., help me find my pocket..."
*J.R. starts looking*
*Nikki is having a laughgasm*
"Mars...your uh...your pocket is attatched."
"....J.R., man, our pockets are attatched...we can stop looking..."

The great thing is they won't remember a single thing. good. because he won't remember things I said c.c or things he said, for that matter.
Which makes me go

ahgod, but knowing my luck, he'll remember. gaaaad.

"Eeehee! Omf I can't feel my toes."

aaaaaaaaand...hmmn...I made wolf ears today. Muahha. pictures later...if they turn out okay. they're being dyed right now.

Now...I gotta clean my room.

Giving Up A Part Of Me...2004-07-18 18:39:03 ET

Bnnnnah. everything's so bland anymore. Flavor's gone. *twitch*

Somebody like...hug me or something :/

Downtime2004-07-18 10:55:48 ET

Feeling nostalgic, and that's never the best.


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