Badger badger badger badger...
2004-07-29 01:26:03 ET

Then Nikki got bored and scanned her face.

...that's nickname. to one person. and probably the only person I'd let call me that. cause we nicknames? I dunno...

but anyway.
I want a heartagram tattoo. like, now, please.

2004-07-29 03:16:45 ET

heee, I think I randomly saw that on deviantart yesterday.

heartagrams make wonderfully awesome tattoos.

2004-08-01 15:26:57 ET

I have a heartagram tattoo on my chest. without the outer circle but.

2004-08-02 15:28:58 ET

Marry me ; ;

2004-08-02 18:17:11 ET

ok :)

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