2002-04-06 15:32:15 ET

So... I signed up. GO ME! Hi all...
leave me comments and I'm yours.

2002-04-06 15:32:35 ET


2002-04-06 15:34:01 ET

Damn now both my first AND last name are used by others! Can I have NO identity of my own?

2002-04-06 15:35:26 ET

no you cant.

2002-04-06 15:38:31 ET

cool drawing...

2002-04-06 15:39:42 ET

Grrr... It should be a showdown between the rabid dogs.

2002-04-06 15:40:52 ET

Yeah, bring eet biznoich!!

No, not really... n___n;; Mr.Fiend is awesome, heh.

2002-04-06 16:02:14 ET

cool pic :)

2002-04-06 16:39:47 ET

aaah! furries!

2002-04-06 17:15:16 ET

sweet pic. ha ha ha. You have stolen the first name of my tribeswoman just as she stole my last name. You go girl.

2002-04-06 18:07:46 ET

mm, tribeswomen. Give me sacrifices! *gurgle*

2002-04-07 08:02:58 ET

Hey, Mr. Fiend, if you wanna be my stuck-in-the-womb-for-24-extra-days twin brother, you've gotta deal with the fact that we have the same last name.

2002-04-07 09:28:36 ET

Brand Spanking new on SubKultures eh? ......ahh, lets face it , I just wanted to work in the word "Spanking" .....oh well.

2002-09-18 19:46:20 ET

*weeps* your drawings are wonderful... It brings me to tears man!

2003-02-07 21:01:49 ET

so if i leave you comments, you're mine?

Neat! I always wanted a cute redhead with glasses!

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