2004-08-14 06:45:53 ET

What Would You Do If...
I cried:
I said I liked you:
I kissed you:
I was hospitalized:
I ran away from home:
I got in a fight and you were there:
I got dumped:

What Do You Think Of My...
Choice of music:

Would You...
Spread rumors about me:
Hold my hand:
Take a bullet for me:
Try and solve my problems:
Love me:
Have Sex with me:
Use me:
Date me:
Rape me:
Beat me up:

....responses welcome :O

2004-08-14 09:54:24 ET

What Would You Do If...
I cried:hug you
I said I liked you:hug you
I kissed you:smile and hug you
I was hospitalized:hug you
I ran away from home:hide you in my closet
I got in a fight and you were there:kick that bia's ass yo!
I got dumped:hug you

What Do You Think Of My...
Personality:you seem cool so far
Eyes:haven't look at em yet...unless thats them in your avatar.. in that case whoa they rock
Hair:haven't seen it
Voice:haven't heard it
Humor: no idea
Choice of music:no idea
Family: well if you wanted to run away then they would so not be cool
Friends:i dunno
Decisions:no idea

Would You...
Spread rumors about me:only if they were good ones.. like saying you had a sixth toe or something.. and it would just be because i was jealous
Hold my hand:yup
Take a bullet for me:i'd probally throw a steak at you or something to get you to move out of it's way
Try and solve my problems:yup... that's what i do
Love me:yes
Have Sex with me:i can only have sex with rachel... sorry
Use me:only if it was for like...a free trapper keeper J/K!!
Date me:sure
Rape me: only rachel sorry!
Beat me up:nope

lol hi i don't know you i'm kelsie!

2004-08-14 23:13:57 ET

I so totally love you now :D

2004-08-15 05:25:42 ET

lol thanks

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