Omg, I need to pee...
2002-11-28 16:01:22 ET

Happy Slaughter A Defenseless Bird Day!! :3

er. My friend Charles showed me a Hello Kitty! vibrator. O_~ *poofles*

Dear Subkultures People

comment here or I will smack you up like a whore at a street corner.kthxbye. X3

Leave a comment here if you want to be my ho. O_O; fnarr.

I'm the 8th deadly sin, baby.

2002-11-28 17:08:08 ET

Oh oh oh, pick me!

2002-11-28 17:24:56 ET

will you slap me anyway? please? suger?

2002-11-29 12:04:55 ET

sure, whynot XD *smacks some hos* lmao.

2003-02-06 17:30:26 ET

would you "pimp slap" me with your "roll"

2003-02-07 16:58:10 ET

Roll? X3

2003-02-07 16:59:51 ET

the "fat" wad of "bling bling", of course.

I'll be your ho. because you have an anime haircut. :)

2003-02-07 17:14:17 ET

But ov course! *snaps collar and leash on you*

2003-02-07 17:43:25 ET


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