O.K. I said I would do this... but I warn you!
2006-02-25 08:57:55 ET

My journal entries are not to be read when operating heavy machinery!

I haven't heard from Lisa for awhile. It looks bad from here (regarding the TBM concert). I don't think we will end up going. >.< Oh if only I could drive! The earliest I can go for my N is August 20th. Is it really a hard test? Everyone but two people I know have failed it the first try. I drive to school everyday, hoping I will be prepared by August. My turns and parking abilities are very limited... but these things will come with time

2006-02-25 09:47:13 ET

Sorry <3 I've been in Powell River on dial up. I got back on Thursday but was too tired/sick to do anything but lay on the couch. I looked at the greyhound schedules the other day and I would have to skip class to catch a bus to get there on time. I've been listening to the mp3's you sent me and I really wanna go *pouts*

Anyway, I'll quit taking up space and sit back and wait for the crazy welcome comments.

2006-02-25 09:49:19 ET

I passed first go- not that hard- but i did have my permit for a year and a half before i tried.

2006-02-25 10:34:56 ET

Welcome to subkultures. Beware of the van. It comes arond these times.

2006-02-25 10:52:30 ET

Thanks for the warning, I almost crashed my Feller buncher.

2006-02-25 11:08:22 ET

Welcome, GET IN THE VAN!

2006-02-25 11:24:29 ET

Welcome to SK

*touches you*

2006-02-25 13:13:37 ET

yarg, welcome aboard mate!

2006-02-28 08:37:07 ET

Huloo, madame. Welcome to our little cult - we'll be chanting nonsense at 11:30, and kool-aid... refreshers are at 4:00.

Erm. A little favour? Would you be so kind as to bite Lisa for me? I forgot to.


2006-03-04 09:12:04 ET

*Comes to a screaching halt in a black and red A-Team van while blaring Metallica's master of puppets*

Welcome to the family!

2006-03-05 18:42:05 ET

Hahaha! Thanks for the warm welcoming ladies and gents! :) This shall be fun.

2006-03-15 06:02:23 ET

welcome to sk.net.
try not overdosing

2006-03-18 16:51:21 ET

Too late. ^_^ I love the people here and their kindness. Wish you all went to high school with me!

2006-03-26 10:09:41 ET

I guess I never greeted you! Eep.

Belated welcome to SK.

I see you're working for Phill now Slideapatomus. Your insolence has been noted. >:O

2006-03-26 10:29:57 ET

Hey, they called for the van. What the hell else was I supposed to do? A new member needs deprogramming, I answer; period.

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