2006-03-13 13:19:40 ET

I just bought Violet by The Birthday Massacre. Great c.d. and I am still a bit sad that I missed them in Feb. But if I can find that t-shirt when I got the states I will be very happy!

2006-03-15 13:50:12 ET

i still have not heard that band, despite all the hubbub they seem to be generating...what are they like anyway?

2006-03-18 16:49:11 ET

hmm like a lightly electronic lullaby. They are unique to me. www.nothingandnowhere.com

2006-03-19 05:02:24 ET

Goth Rock with a slight electronic vibe and a touch of metal. They're a pretty solid band. Nothing really innovative but still fun as hell to listen to.

2006-03-19 15:39:22 ET

ive heard some of their stuff on myspace, but still need to listen a bit more before i can formulate an honest oppinion. i'm generally not a fan of much of any newish music that gets too oversaturated/ruined by lame guitar. i'll have to listen to some more of their stuff later today...

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