2004-07-01 15:13:27 ET

So i about died.

I was cruizin' down Foster Rd. in the DART and BACKFIRE!

The throttle sticks down(not lke a normal: stuck to the floor. But mechanically fuckered sticks down!!!)
and i go speeding 60 mph? or so towards a garbage truck!!!!

With a car beside me and on comming traffic in the oncomming lane quickily approaching i kick the gas arm up and shut off the car.

Luckily i was going fast enough to pass traffic on my right and coast into a curb.

I take a look at her...

Sure enough,
Carb spring sheered off and pinned down the throttle w./ the excess!!!


Lucky for me there was an automotive repair shop a blk. away where i pick up a new spring for $2.

talk about luck!

So, how did my day finish out...?

I mean it got even more crazier after almost dying....yup.

I got pulled over!

I forgot to put the headlights on...
Luckily for me, i got a cool cop(did i just say that??)

He was more about asking me about my car and complimenting me on it than the actual violation(*which he just told me to: "Turn them on, son...")

The inner-wiseass in me really wanted to ask him if he wanted to go for a ride!


By the end of the nite, i found myself semi-intoxicated watching the girls dance at Devil's Point and starring temptaion in the eyes like an evil serpant, but declining....


I'm too good for my own behalf sometimes.............

I must prioritize my needs.

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