another of ms.sabbi's lists to make things better...
2003-12-29 18:28:44 ET

These are directed at random things/people/places/events...whatever..just stuff I want to say without causing mega-drama or conversations that go on for hours :) plus some of it is just stuff that people need to remember every now and then...

1. I love you
2. I miss you
3. It isn't real and it can't hurt me (only a few will get this one)
4. Things will be fine
5. I will see you again someday
6. Being rude, is being weak.
7. Goodbye doesn't mean forever.
8. You are amazing.

2003-12-29 18:30:35 ET

i like your new av... good song :D

2003-12-29 18:39:29 ET

yes, it's a very good song :)

2003-12-29 18:43:53 ET

finch are great. they put on a dang good show, too.

2003-12-29 18:45:48 ET

i haven't had a chance to see them yet. but i'm definately looking forward to it. I <3 them. they have been my savior for about a month now haha

2003-12-29 18:47:34 ET

i saw them with the used last february i think it was... in toronto. ohhh damn. so great. i havent stopped listening to them since then, either.. they just keep growing on me :D

2003-12-29 18:48:27 ET

i caught the video for "What it is to burn" on MTV one night..nearly I knew they were my kinda band :)

2003-12-29 18:50:16 ET

ooh i havent seen the video! but i rarely watch TV so that'd make sense.. haha.. but yeah i dont even remember how i found out about them.. i heard of the used first, and LOOOOOVED them.. then found out they were touring with finch so i thought i'd download some finch stuff so i could know it before the show.. and yeah. it just went from there!!

2003-12-29 18:52:01 ET

you haven't? you should look into's really sad though..supa sad really. not sure how it goes along with the song but hahah whateva'

i have listened to their CD non-stop for the past few weeks hah.

2003-12-29 18:56:44 ET

I <3 finch

2003-12-29 18:57:42 ET

hahaha yeah that was like me too... i still listen to them all th etime, i dont see myself getting sick of them anytime soon either

2003-12-29 19:01:18 ET

nope, mostly i can't do that with my cds unless the band is really good, they've been added to that list

2003-12-29 19:03:42 ET

haha right on... that rocks :D

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