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2004-01-03 22:50:50 ET

"A building gets torched. All that is left is ashes. I used to think that it is true about everything - family, friends, feelings - but now I know that sometimes if love proves real two people that are meant to be together, nothing can keep them apart."

--The Crow--

Because we do not know when we are going to die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well and yet everything happens only a certain number of times, and a very small number really. How many times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood? An afternoon that is so deeply a part of your being that you cannot conceive of your life without it? Perhaps 4 .... 5 times more. Perhaps not even that.

How many times will you watch the full moon rise ...... Perhaps twenty and yet it all seems limitless.

--Brandon Lee, taken from his last interview--

The key to immortality is first leaving a life worth remembering.

--Brandon Lee--

"I know that's a kind of a roundabout way of talking about it. But we tend to take a great deal for granted, because you feel like you're going to live forever. It's only if you lose a friend, or maybe have a near-death experience, [that] many events and people in your life suddenly attain real significance. When you take into account the fact that that could have been the last time I would ever see that person [or] do something so mundane as go out to dinner ... This is [where] this character [Eric Draven] is coming from. [He realizes] how precious each moment of his life is."

--Brandon Lee, taken from People magazine--

the tears keep on rolling
they keep coming and there is nothing to stop them
should i stop them?
can i?
it's so hard to see anymore
it's so hard to breathe anymore.
it all stings so bad.
I have a hole in my chest where there shouldn't be.
I have a hole that can not be sewn up,
not by me.
The void is consuming me,
it covers my soul,
it takes hold,
cold grasp not letting go.
My hands have grown weak from trying to claw my way out.
I see no light anymore.
The world has grown dark.

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2004-01-04 10:47:02 ET

i love you so much.

2004-01-04 13:53:28 ET

tash! i heart you as well!!! i'm sure you hear it often but i wanna stick my share of the margarine in! <3 <3 <3 p.s. brandon lee was a great actor and had a way with bad his life was cut sooo fucken short!!! :(

2004-01-04 17:49:03 ET

*HUGE HUGZ* got the love coming from me too!

2004-01-04 18:36:47 ET

*hugs back for all* thank you much you guys..I <3 you all as well

much love

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