*jumps around*
2004-01-13 23:08:51 ET

I *dances around* have a new friend.

makes me laugh my cheeks hurt soooo bad right now.

Sounds like my friend Josh..makes me laugh harder cause of that.

I think I've laughed so hard I'm perminately smiling..this is horrible.

In a good way...

OOOOk....i juuuust got off the phone haha..what was supposed to be a "ok you can call but i have to go at 4" 11 min conversation turned into a 2 hour conversation !! haha wtf?

2004-01-14 00:44:26 ET

its a perk.
Thats really cool.

2004-01-14 00:53:49 ET

i'm still frigging laughing

2004-01-14 00:56:07 ET

hahah you goose

2004-01-14 01:23:04 ET


2004-01-14 01:44:43 ET

dork like whoa!

2004-01-14 04:22:13 ET

Thats great you are so happy!

2004-01-14 04:30:53 ET

awww sounds cool

i always get into those 5 min. turns into 2 hour conversations... don't know how it happens O_o

2004-01-14 05:17:02 ET

that doesn't happen to me often, i hate the phone. infact..can only think of one other person i talk to where that can happen.

2004-01-14 05:22:18 ET

I'm with you...I hate the phone too

2004-01-14 05:32:29 ET

yea i hate the phone as well... but usually the only time i answer it... it's for someone else... or someone that someone else in my family knows really well... and i don't care to talk to 'em anyways...

i'm almost scared to answer the phone... theres a guy named hershel that talks to my dad a lot... O_o... he scares me... don't ask why

2004-01-14 05:33:02 ET


2004-01-14 05:35:09 ET


2004-01-14 05:35:37 ET

ha ha ha

2004-01-14 05:42:04 ET

ooooh awesome glad you are sooo happy:D

2004-01-14 05:44:34 ET

Thats awsome Tash... How is school going so far?

2004-01-14 07:05:00 ET

yay tash

2004-01-14 08:24:20 ET

haha well glad everyone is glad i'm so happy..not..really all that happy but ya know :) whateva.

school is going ok...it's school so ya know haha.

2004-01-14 08:25:08 ET

who was tashi on the phone with all night huh huh?

2004-01-14 08:31:59 ET

hah mr.smiles...hence why i'm really not all that happy. see momentary happiness is all fun and good, but doesn't last really so yeah..blah. but *shrugs* a new internet friend is better then no friends at all right?

2004-01-14 08:33:13 ET

true...I'd be full of depressive funk without my internet buds

2004-01-14 08:36:04 ET

it'd be nice to have flesh and blood every once in a while though you know? well flesh and blood that sticks around (not meant towards you in anyway cause you're still around i'm talking leave for good).

plus..hah i have a tendency to think sad thoughts when left alone for periods of time so ...so couldn't expect the jumping around to last too long ;)

2004-01-14 08:36:53 ET

oh and by the by, he was i think genuinly worried bout you last night cause he kept asking me to ask you back into chat :( *hugs* "she really should be around friends" hehe looks like you're part of the clan now ;)

2004-01-14 08:37:50 ET

Hmmmm, well...I'm the same way so that should make you happy!

2004-01-14 08:41:04 ET

I tend to do the same Tash...sad thoughts when alone, unless im uber happy such is lately. =) Makes me feel all special that he thought i should come back, good to have friends. I'll most likely be in chat tonight

2004-01-14 08:41:49 ET

*insert cheesie grin here*

i did also get another call this morning waking me up at 10:17 am...which reminds me of someone else i know *sneakily points at adam* and a 11:00 am phone call one day..*yawn* people don't know that i sleep or something geesh. ;)

2004-01-14 08:42:57 ET

well i really am glad for you ms.kandess that you are uber happy enough to stay happy the majority of the time.


2004-01-14 08:44:27 ET

awwwww, luckily Devin sleeps at all hours of the day so...yeah, we spend all night talking, then all day sleeping. Although today he was suppossed to be up at 9 to be somewhere at 10 for a college thing, BUT we didn't get off the phone until 7 =( he was suppossed to go to bed early

2004-01-14 08:49:32 ET

i should really try and regulate my sleep patterns but honestly the people i want to talk to aren't on until later in the evening anyway (except now..how odd hehe) and i really do enjoy talking to them..that makes me smile :)

haha do you still have a copy of Underworld kandess? cause if so there's something I want you to check out that was pointed out to me last night....funny shtuff.

2004-01-14 08:53:55 ET

no my brother took it back to it's owner, but i think i'll rent it friday

2004-01-14 08:57:57 ET

hah ok you remember the part where Michael runs/slides over to the lady that is shot when they have the gun fight at the beginning in the subway? (if you don't watch again you'll see it)

hah anyway when he FIRST reaches the lady..watch where his hand goes!!! I think he was reaching for his belt but...that's not what he grabbed. O_O

2004-01-14 08:59:58 ET

dude *goes to get it*

2004-01-14 09:00:54 ET

i so didn't believe him so i put in the dvd last night hahah i didn't even have to slow it down to notice it..yup..hand grabs her crotch..yup..there it is..haha...you know she didn't mind though. Scott Speedman grabbing her crotch..she didn't care one bit. haha

2004-01-14 09:02:45 ET

LOL...i can imagine, then again who would mind?

2004-01-14 09:05:49 ET

hah i seriously just figured out last night who he even was and why he looked so damn familiar..i'm like "uuuuh i know that guy who the hell is he?" so i looked i up..he's the friggin guy from Felicity..hahah. though soooo much sexier now of course. plus i never watched that show *gag*

2004-01-14 09:22:46 ET

speaking of sexy...can i just say Raze was one of the coolest characters in that movie?!

2004-01-14 09:23:14 ET

he just looks so fucking awesome

2004-01-14 09:30:19 ET

that guy Kevin Grevioux was also one of the Screen Writers for the movie..so even though it kinda looks like he (as the werewolf) dies in the movie, i'm damn near positive they will bring him back. Which is why, I think, that they did the fight like they had it at the end, where you couldn't really tell which werewolves died and which ones didn't.

his voice was friggin soooo coool haha

2004-01-14 09:31:19 ET

ps. they are making an Underworld 2 (release set for 2005) and an Underworld 3 (release also set for 2005) but the 3rd will be a prequle

2004-01-14 09:48:00 ET

oooh *happy stuffs* I want them all on Dvd and in my room

2004-01-15 08:36:16 ET

YAY!!!! mr. smiles! *dances around ms. tash contiously* i miss talkin' to ya late into the nite ms. tash!!! how are the hot topic boy toys??? :P <3 <3 <3 ms. saNdy

2004-01-15 09:12:50 ET

*dances around with ms.sandy* ahh it's ms sandy!!!!

the hot topic boys are just fine..we went to dinner last night :) had to keep your boy in check though hehe. make sure he didn't wander ;)

2004-01-15 10:16:30 ET

who went to dinner last night?

2004-01-15 11:00:42 ET

heh kandess..check out my bio..there's a link on there..sandy and i have hot topic "boyfriends" ;)

2004-01-15 18:51:18 ET

LOL...why does that not surprise me?

2004-01-15 18:52:27 ET

cause...umm...i need a real one and don't have one so i have to make it up

2004-01-15 18:53:36 ET

lol....mayhaps i'll find a way to contact him and send him your name and phone number

2004-01-15 18:54:48 ET

hahah he is prolly from Cali and not interested ;)

2004-01-15 18:56:23 ET

i dont giva shit

2004-01-15 18:58:12 ET

hmm i can't move to cali..nope nope.

2004-01-16 09:09:28 ET

HEY GUYS!!! kandi....please DO work on finding my hot topic boyfriends address....i am WILLING to relocate...LOL!!! *dances around ms. Tash and Kandi* wohooo...goddamnit i miss you guys sooo much!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

2004-01-16 10:53:53 ET

lol...i think if i spent mucho time with you i'd fall over laughing every time you opened your mouth <3

2004-01-16 19:22:15 ET

i'd wanna watch movies and throw popcorn at ya'll and do manicures and pedicures...all that girly stuff! *nods* mhmm !!! :P

2004-01-16 19:25:08 ET

oooh i wanna go to a spa one day :) massages and all

2004-01-16 19:30:24 ET

yea those sound fun *finger to chin* now to get money to go TO a spa! hahahaha i need another steady good job!!! *pouts* hahahahaa

2004-01-16 19:33:30 ET

yeah the money is the big problem

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