's umm...Friday...right?
2004-01-23 12:19:15 ET

I'm sooo beyond out of it...and it's not like I haven't had any sleep either...cause..well I slept.

Guess I'm just bored, with little to no end in sight.

I just realized I have to go home this weekend..only place I'll be able to get some sample hairs from an animal for my criminalistics class..haha. We have to collect hair umm...paper bundles ;) or whatever he called them haha. Shows you how well my thought process has been working lately.

I need a break..need to have some fun..but that doesn't even have the smallest hint of happening for a few months...blech. Guess I just keep on going and deal with it right? ;)

Has this post made any sense at all?

2004-01-23 12:22:28 ET

hahaha damn you have your head on backwards or something
ur post made sense to me though

2004-01-23 12:23:36 ET

My head has been on backwards since...last friday.

2004-01-23 12:30:37 ET

damn thats a week

2004-01-23 12:32:51 ET

*shrugs* my mind has been wandering a lot hah

I'm so emo it hurts ;)

2004-01-23 12:33:42 ET


where does it wonder to

2004-01-23 12:37:19 ET

getting to have cuddle time one day...or just getting a hug...*shrugs*

See the emo is flowing from's sooo sad

2004-01-23 12:38:43 ET

i see very interesting well im sure mr frenquency is up for the job

2004-01-23 12:41:00 ET

:P are you up for the job?

2004-01-23 12:43:26 ET

i think he wants it

2004-01-23 12:44:44 ET

you are horrible :P *poke*

2004-01-23 12:46:01 ET


2004-01-23 12:46:26 ET

im not horrible im correct, wait till he gets on here, he will tell you himself

2004-01-23 12:48:52 ET

whateva :P

2004-01-23 12:49:13 ET

hahaha whats wrong tasha???

2004-01-23 12:50:18 ET

*poke* nuffin

2004-01-23 12:51:20 ET

u know he wants you
you are master pimp, you want him, and mr smiles, and all those guys, you got em all, do they know you are playin em like this??

2004-01-23 12:51:59 ET

*pokes really really hard!*

2004-01-23 12:52:27 ET

double teaming me ooh im scared

2004-01-23 12:54:21 ET

you betta be scared ;)

2004-01-23 12:54:50 ET

we will sooooooooo kick your ass!! haha

2004-01-23 12:54:52 ET

like im really scared of 2 lil midgets
i was gonna say something else but i will shut up

2004-01-23 13:04:56 ET

but you didnt get awhole lot of sleep ;-)

2004-01-23 13:05:58 ET

"im not horrible im correct, wait till he gets on here, he will tell you himself"

this is correct!

2004-01-23 13:06:14 ET

you should be skeer'd of us adam..:P

and no..i didn't get a whole lot :) but I did get some..and i'm bout to get some more..i'm fading fast

2004-01-23 13:07:13 ET

are you going to explain to the class WHY you didnt get much sleep ;-)

2004-01-23 13:08:34 ET


2004-01-23 13:12:12 ET

cause i enjoyed last night as much as you did and i know that for a fact ;-)

2004-01-23 13:12:30 ET

hmmm...I slept..yesturday..frommmm 6-12ish..then I got online..and talked to some people...*points to you* and then I talked on the phone for a few hours :)

I better get an A for that report dangit :)

2004-01-23 13:13:11 ET

you didnt talk to me... you talked to a very drunk and horny me.

there is a world of differance :-)

but they are both good peoples

2004-01-23 13:14:06 ET

hah yeah sorry left that part out :)

2004-01-23 13:14:30 ET



2004-01-23 13:15:25 ET

Ok that I know was discussed...noooo tickling! Or I tickle back..and you know you don't want that mister!

2004-01-23 13:19:44 ET

:pokes tummy:

:runs off giggling:

2004-01-23 13:23:26 ET

You are crazy ..and askin for it by the way

2004-01-23 13:39:10 ET



2004-01-23 14:09:59 ET

oooh now you're just sucking up hah

2004-01-23 14:13:28 ET

do you have a problem with that? :-)

2004-01-23 14:47:40 ET

didn't say that..just were sucking up..hah.

2004-01-23 14:57:22 ET

hehe :-)

:grabs ass:

2004-01-23 14:59:36 ET

*checks your cup* you been drinking again?? awfully fiesty

2004-01-23 15:16:59 ET

im always fiest :-) rawr!

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