A night with my cousin (melissa) and her 3 year old (olivia)....
2004-01-23 19:41:31 ET

In the car on the way home:

Olivia "ow mommy..you just hit me with your arm"

Melissa "no i didn't...i haven't even moved"

Olivia "yes you did! i was just sitting here and 'bam' you hit me"

Melissa "no i didn't!"

Olivia "yes you did! you hit me in the face!....tasha mommy hit me in the face!"

Melissa "I did not!"

I think you can see the pattern here....this went on for about 15 min before i turned around and said

"Children! Do I have to seperate you two?! Geesh!"

I swear you'd have never known it was a conversation between a mother and her daughter...Olivia..yeah ok I can see her doing that but a 25 year old haha..totally unexpected.

It was great entertainment for us though...and Emliee (1 year old) as well who was laughing the entire time.


umm..ok as for updates that's all for now.

2004-01-23 20:07:56 ET


2004-01-23 20:30:01 ET

i think it's one of the cutest things i've been lucky enough to witness lately haha

2004-01-24 02:06:52 ET

hahaha that's too funny!!...

a 25 year old... i think that's probably what makes it funny hahaha...

2004-01-25 00:01:35 ET

that's what also makes it sooo sad hahah

2004-01-25 01:30:34 ET

yea... wished i could've witnessed such a thing... haha... blah... sounds like somethin' i'd do... :-)...

i'd only do it jokingly though... i don't think i'd be able to keep a straight face hahaha

2004-01-25 06:26:28 ET

in my house hold, a 23 yr old and a 3 yr old, fight allllll the time. crazyness, but fun.

2004-01-25 07:04:29 ET

oh she kept a straight face...actually she looked like she was fighting with a sibling..that "oh my goodnes i can't believe you are saying i did that" face.

haha i can see you and kayla doing that :)

2004-01-25 07:21:22 ET

i know you can see us doing that, cause you did. lol

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