It's 1 in the morning
2004-01-27 20:03:05 ET

I have another sinus headache cause I had to shut my window so now it's basically just dust circulating around my room..ugh!

I've taken a sinus pill which consists of...umm...lots of medicine...(i'm too lazy to go look) and 3 200 mg Ibuprofen...nothing as of better kick in soon or i'm going to blow my head off.

I'm bored...and tired...but in that "i've drank too much mt.dew so i'm not sleepy tired" mode.

I <3 the mini cans of dew...they are the greatest ever. I drink like 5 a day..haha.

Oh..and good news...tasha lost 3 more lbs :) *dances around* whoot! to spend some more time being bored...mayhaps I can draw myself a new tattoo again...i decorated my wrist earlier with a sharpie...yeah..boredom does weird things to me.

2004-01-28 00:00:30 ET

Devin fell asleep on the phone again =) it's fun, uber badass one minute..complete mush the next. Then his brother stole the phone and claimed Devin would talk to me tomorrow, and that was my night =) Fun, none the less, but's bed time

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