just as an FYI
2004-01-28 08:47:41 ET

I could be taking a leave of absence from SK for a while..dunno how long or even if I will..this is just a..could happen so I thought I'd let anyone who cares know about it..thing.

So if you want my contact info as far as Yahoo, AOL/AIM, or MSN messangers let me know..I'll give them up.

2004-01-28 08:48:26 ET

why the leave of absence?

2004-01-28 08:50:14 ET

it's a long story..i cantalk about it elsewhere but not on post...so perhaps sometime I'll explain...for now..off to class with me *runs off*

2004-01-28 08:50:33 ET


2004-01-28 09:09:06 ET

hey ms. tash! *waves* i'm glad i got your number....now if only i could put it to use!!! i will call i promise!!! <3 <3 <3 ms. saNdy

2004-01-28 09:13:50 ET

Tash...you're starting to sound like me...with your leave of absence. But i understand, even if i do want you to stay

2004-01-28 11:16:36 ET

well it's not like i'm dropping off the face of the earth..i'll still be around, just not on SK. :)

<3 hey ms sandy...sorry i missed you! <3

2004-01-28 13:25:45 ET

yes yeah i know...but still

2004-01-28 13:27:11 ET

I love you Tasha *big hug*

2004-01-28 13:28:24 ET

love you too girl :) *hugs*

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