OK I lied..but this is it haha....
2004-01-29 13:46:02 ET

I have no money...someone buy this outfit for me...*nodnodnodnod*

ok that's it...*crawls back under rock*

2004-01-29 18:02:05 ET

I'll buy you that if'n you buy me what i'll post on my page later

2004-01-29 18:10:02 ET

ok...if i can't buy that for me...how am i going to buy that fo ryou ?? ;)

2004-01-29 18:14:58 ET

hmm we'll work something out

2004-01-30 08:04:49 ET

sexay...if I weren't broke I'd do it

2004-01-30 13:55:43 ET

i want it baaaaaaaaaaad

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