so hey help my friend out..mmkay...just like respond to this if you wanna go check it out :)
2004-02-09 18:07:30 ET

Hey, I am promoting for a newer band, Story Of The Year you should really check them out, they rock hardcore, very good punk type music, you should definately check them out. Here is their site, you can get more information on them there.

2004-02-11 18:56:40 ET

They arent really that new, theyre on national radio already so I dont think they need you to "promote" them. Everyone already knows who they are, no thanks to you.

2004-02-11 22:46:30 ET


2004-02-11 22:54:58 ET

*laughs* i love you vilola ;)

2004-02-11 23:10:45 ET

te he :oP

2004-02-12 00:24:33 ET

for some reason...the words "underage whore" comes to mind...

2004-02-12 02:11:19 ET


2004-02-12 10:09:56 ET

*falls over laughing* leave it to kandess..well and a few other people..but they didn't post their thoughts.

2004-02-12 10:55:40 ET

=) much Love Tash, much love

2004-02-12 11:10:59 ET


2004-02-12 11:13:16 ET

it certainly made my day brighter =)

2004-02-12 11:14:57 ET

hell, mine too, you rock girlie!

2004-02-12 11:15:58 ET

=) w3rd

2004-02-12 20:04:47 ET

Rather be an underage whore than a pathedic 22 year old virgin.... oh wait sorry, I guess alcohol helps more than I realize. I cant help that Adam likes it when I "sink my claws" into him and that hed rather throw up than have you touch him Tasha

2004-02-12 20:09:11 ET

yeah Pathedic...Or is it Pathetic. It's obvious Intelligence isn't high on your list of importance. So you expect sex to get you through life?

2004-02-12 20:14:38 ET

Have I had sex with Adam?? No, I havent and if I wanted it I could get it from someone else and Im not because I dont want it. Obviously its not important so dont pretend like you know me. Youre only responding to what I said because you feel guilty for what TASHA did because of what YOUR stupid ass put together from what you read from mine and Adam's page.

2004-02-12 20:15:30 ET

2004-02-12 20:16:53 ET

Old news. Ive already read it.

2004-02-12 20:20:30 ET

So is it true?

And what about his dumbass in jail?

2004-02-12 20:20:32 ET

Dont ask me ASK TASHA...... I never met the guy. Ill know in a year so Yep hes in prison

2004-02-12 20:22:31 ET

HA.....and you want that dumbass? Man, and I thought I was retarded.

2004-02-12 20:24:37 ET

I take it back, Im being too nice. I met him, Adam is Adam.

2004-02-12 20:26:28 ET

Ok, so many hypocracies and contradictions...or is that just a redundant statement where I'll repeat myself again....


If "Adam" did what he did, then he is a dumbass.

2004-02-12 20:27:42 ET

I'd respond in length....but I'd hate to lower myself to such a level. Besides, dont you have something emo to pay attention to? Your High school drama is a little childish.

2004-02-12 20:28:09 ET

People make mistakes, right Tasha?? I can see past this one, so no its not me being retarded.

2004-02-12 20:30:50 ET

Ok....there's a difference between a mistake a smuggling.

2004-02-12 20:32:03 ET

Your calling ME emo like its a bad thing when you dont even know me, but yet you sit there and listen to Tasha whine and complain about how her hearts broken for her lost love and so on???


2004-02-12 20:34:20 ET

Hmm...Tash complain? Some people, her as an example, dont beg for pity parties.

2004-02-12 20:35:11 ET Adam calling you a lot?

2004-02-12 20:38:06 ET

I dont beg for pity parties. Didnt you notice I said "youre not invited"
Stop reading my page if my "highschool drama" is too "childish" for you.

Kilted:: Everyday. And I dont see how you know his situation. Some people need to keep out of other people buisness.

2004-02-12 20:39:42 ET

"some people need to keep out of other people buisness" Perhaps you should glance up to your first response to this entry.

2004-02-12 20:41:29 ET

Everyday......he's not in jail then...someone's lying to you....

..unless of course Canada is "special"

2004-02-12 20:42:32 ET

No one ever said that I couldnt post on ITS page.

2004-02-12 20:43:27 ET

Hes not in jail... hes in PRISON....

2004-02-12 20:44:04 ET is it a "special prison"

2004-02-12 20:46:15 ET

So now are we dissing on Canada?? Or is it just prison??? Because Id really like to know 'cause I could care less about what you have to say about Canada or prison.

2004-02-12 20:46:22 ET

*falls over laughing* man..i'm so glad you guys are having this much fun..but could you run along and have it someplace else...some things aren't welcome here.

2004-02-12 20:48:41 ET

Aww, that hurts, really it does. LMAO

2004-02-12 20:50:08 ET

nothing could hurt you's impossible to hurt something such as yourself.

2004-02-12 20:50:16 ET

Ahhh entertainment in its finest, i do believe Tash =) some things are too much fun not to laught at.

2004-02-12 20:50:47 ET

wow...when you block really block someone.

2004-02-12 20:51:14 ET

i'm glad everyone is entertaining themselves

2004-02-12 20:51:38 ET

Sometimes we've got to appreciate what we have and can do

2004-02-12 20:53:52 ET

Yeah you should learn something from me and not listen to what your so called friend puts together and then regret your actions because of it.

2004-02-12 20:53:55 ET

and then when the party is over, someone has to take out the...trash?

2004-02-12 20:54:30 ET

The Bouncing Souls use to "rake the rooms" which was their way of cleaning up their house.

....I have no clue why I just said that.

2004-02-12 20:54:51 ET

Trash, Tash. Close enough. People only keep what they WANT.

2004-02-12 20:55:42 ET

or what they can use...keep that in mind, im sure you'll get used to it. Time to block

2004-02-12 20:57:25 ET

wow...yeah..that didn't.

you would have to mean something in order for me to give what you think about me. and frankly ...i don't. you don't exist. and as of aren't allowed here go have fun elsewhere

2004-02-12 20:57:33 ET

Like I care if you three block me or not, sorry you just wont get to read about my highschool drama, you know you just cant wait to see what happens day to day.

2004-02-12 20:58:11 ET

ooh whole fucking life revolves around you and your petty crap.

what part of "you don't matter" ...are you not understanding?

2004-02-12 20:58:39 ET

Block is my buddy

2004-02-12 20:59:23 ET

I'm not getting the full's weird....I've got to unblock in order to get the context.

2004-02-12 21:00:43 ET

Tasha, you should really listen to yourself.

"you dont matter" Wonder how many times Adam told you that??

2004-02-12 21:04:02 ET

actually he never told me sorry to burst your bubble.

d'you ever think..mayhaps he told you all the shit he did...cause he was horny?

2004-02-12 21:05:16 ET

People....."Adam" is just a figment of everyone's imaginations.

Let it go...doesn't matter.....he's in "prison" and seems to be a habitual liar..

2004-02-12 21:06:17 ET

Watch it get better..... When he was with you he fucked his neighbor SUMMER because he was horny. So yes. I know.

2004-02-12 21:07:45 ET

what you think i'm so stupid i didn't know? underestimate me.

2004-02-12 21:07:56 ET

Figment of everyones imagination? I dont see how THAT would be since I met him.

2004-02-12 21:09:59 ET

Sorry, I dont spend too much time "estimating" you.

2004-02-12 21:10:15 ET

*yawns* ok i'm done..

2004-02-12 21:14:34 ET

*hugs tash* much love sweetheart... i never really thought of usin' the block feature personally... but i figure there are always exceptions :-)

2004-02-12 21:15:46 ET

yes..there are exceptions and it has been done.

*big hugs* thanks gabe dearie much love back

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