and another day ....
2004-02-11 08:40:49 ET

Strawberry milk...and I'm off to class again.

This is the long one...*yawns* I hope I can stay awake for it. Luckily it's Criminalistics so he keeps us moving and such. The long one last night...thank goodness that didn't last very long. 15 min to be exact haha. Went ...failed my test...left.

So I go tonight, only to probably come back and find out I've missed a phone call from bandana boy. I leant my only bandana to Sam last night...*grumbles* why I am so nice? I miss it! Well, I have 2 others but they are MIA right now. I've searched this whole darn room and I can't find them anywhere.

Can anyone tell I'm bored and lonely? Yeah...I'm rambling on about nothing.

Came to another realization today, that really sucks. I've never had a real valentine. hah. Everytime I've been dating someone around valentines day we'd break up before it...except asshole, but he doesn't count cause I didn't get anything. so yeah. hmm..not sure why I'm still rambling on about nothing so I'm going to go..

have a good day everybody

2004-02-11 09:42:21 ET

hey that rambling thing...i do it too, so yeah we're equal. I wanna come see you

2004-02-11 09:48:12 ET

dude....that rhymed

2004-02-11 10:22:38 ET

lol i didn't even notice that...yeah

2004-02-11 12:03:57 ET

hahah i did...cause it made me think of the charmed episode i just watched umm i think yesturday

2004-02-11 12:06:06 ET

lol, was it the episode where, they turned animals into men

2004-02-11 12:12:46 ET

ahah no that one was great was the one where there were warlocks capturing muses..and their muse came and she was making htem all creative and stuff and Pheobe kept rhyming everything

2004-02-11 12:17:04 ET

lol, im sure she that episode was watch and create

2004-02-11 12:18:34 ET

i personally did enjoy the men to animals episode...though i didn't quite understand why the rabbit was a carnivore and a bastard...

2004-02-11 12:20:57 ET

yeah...he shoulda just wanted to hump alot

2004-02-11 12:21:46 ET


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