2004-02-11 09:50:36 ET

got out of class early...this professor is off this week or something so it was the TA and she just showed us some cameras and let us leave..whoot.

also..i had posted earlier about me adding pics of people...well i'm going ot do it..and if you see yourself and don't want yourself there..let me know :D cause no one answered me so i'm guessing no one yeah..i'm doign it anyhoot.

peace out

2004-02-11 10:43:46 ET

Getting out of class early rox

2004-02-11 12:04:11 ET

yes it does, especially when it's my night class *dances*

2004-02-11 12:23:10 ET

Oh nice =) I'm glad that I don't have any night classes

2004-02-11 12:23:54 ET

i'm sad that i do haha

2004-02-11 12:24:27 ET

Haha, that sounded like a StrongSad comment

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