2004-02-11 12:57:44 ET

I gots my webcam on *dances around* and i'm all cute..*blushes* or at least i like to think so

2004-02-11 13:05:25 ET

Therefor you must take pictures

2004-02-11 13:06:35 ET

nah not soo good when i take pictures

2004-02-11 13:07:44 ET

ha...just do it and let everyone else be the judge

2004-02-11 13:08:29 ET

no one would look haha

2004-02-11 13:08:54 ET

i know so!

2004-02-11 13:08:58 ET

yes huh

2004-02-11 13:09:52 ET

oh the cutness.

if i had msn here at work i'd be on oogling over the webcam goodness

2004-02-11 13:09:59 ET

*blushes* i feel all special

2004-02-11 13:10:28 ET

well ..next time you are ever around on MSN let me know *dances around* it's normally on when i'm online

2004-02-11 13:11:33 ET

I'd feel all special too, damn Nates HAWT

2004-02-11 13:12:12 ET


2004-02-11 13:46:43 ET

you are alllllllllways cute! DUR

2004-02-11 13:50:05 ET

dont forget...

i cook and clean too!

2004-02-11 15:22:01 ET

sooo can i like ...send you a plane ticket or something?? ;)

2004-02-11 17:17:04 ET


maybe for a weekend get-away

2004-02-11 17:35:24 ET

haha..that would be shweet

2004-02-12 00:22:42 ET

yes yes...yes

2004-02-12 10:08:44 ET

supa-dupa fly ;)

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