Love me
2004-02-11 22:03:35 ET

2004-02-11 22:10:04 ET

:::loves you:::

2004-02-11 22:12:54 ET

aww thanks gabe *loves you back*

2004-02-11 22:14:14 ET

:-) thank you as well...

2004-02-11 22:25:10 ET

cute pic.

2004-02-11 22:25:32 ET's one of the few of meself that i actually approve of hehe

2004-02-11 22:27:07 ET

i soo wish my overpriced webcam whud work.

2004-02-11 22:28:58 ET

mine isn't even mine haha it's unlabeled's she left it here when she went home from school like..what a year ago or something..and hasn't picked it back up yet.

2004-02-11 22:29:27 ET


2004-02-11 22:30:12 ET

yeah now she has a new one..mayhaps i can buy this one from her *ponders*

2004-02-11 22:34:11 ET

i dont think she will charge you.

after all this time?

2004-02-11 22:54:11 ET

*shrugs* who knows i'd feel bad just taking it

2004-02-12 00:26:18 ET

yes...but because i said so, you will take it anyw00t

2004-02-12 03:25:58 ET

nice :-)

2004-02-12 04:11:53 ET

*dances and loves ms. tash bunches and bunches* YAY i love ya ms. tash!!! <3

2004-02-12 10:09:30 ET

haha well..seems i gots lots of girls to love i needs to get me a local boy to love me ;)

2004-02-12 11:07:39 ET

i feel you.

2004-02-12 17:12:50 ET

now i just need to become a local boy ;-) hahahaha

2004-02-12 17:32:10 ET

hehe yup you sure do ;)

2004-02-12 20:13:21 ET

ok ::::runs out door:::tries to crank car::: shit forgot my starter wires are fried... maybe this weekend hahaha... nah i'd have to save up for somethin' like that O_o... i'm not ready to go homeless again quite yet..

2004-02-12 20:13:27 ET

2004-02-12 20:13:32 ET

2004-02-12 20:43:39 ET

haha no don't be homeless gabe that'd be no fun

2004-02-12 20:51:11 ET

yea all in which i've been avoidin' haha

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