Just got meself....
2004-02-12 21:25:18 ET

A valentine :)

still need more though..like...one who will come here..and cuddle and make me feel better :) soooo come on..

2004-02-12 21:58:20 ET

awww... i wished i could afford that... i deffinately need the cuddling myself...

2004-02-12 22:56:51 ET

i miss cuddling *sniffles* heh

2004-02-12 23:00:02 ET

awww me 2 *pats back* smile :-)

2004-02-13 04:35:07 ET

I have no plans on Saturday, as of now. If you'd like, we could hang out.

2004-02-13 11:31:17 ET

birthday parties galore this weekend. i'm going home.

2004-02-13 12:11:30 ET

Oh, ok. Have fun =)

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