I think I'm smitten.....shhhhhh
2004-02-13 12:38:48 ET

"My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me.
So won't you kill me, so I die happy.
My heart is yours to fill or burst or break or bury
or wear as jewelery, which ever you prefer. "

2004-02-13 12:39:36 ET

like that song...
would this be the brad guy? :-) that you a smitten with that is?

2004-02-13 12:39:45 ET

are* blah typos

2004-02-13 12:56:27 ET

oooh buddy if it is Brad...i will laugh and giggle my lil tush off

2004-02-13 13:06:51 ET

hahahaha shhhhhhhhh

2004-02-13 13:09:29 ET

IM GIGGLING!!!!!!!!!!!

2004-02-13 13:11:42 ET

i'm going to beat your ass kandess

2004-02-13 13:12:19 ET

im sure you are....right after i finish laughing it off

2004-02-13 13:14:09 ET

funk you! *hides under desk* leave me alone :P hehe

2004-02-13 13:15:15 ET

lol *giggles* it's kinda cute in a way, he doesn't even strike me as your type

2004-02-13 13:17:14 ET

haha well..yeah but...grrr

2004-02-13 13:20:18 ET

i know grrr...yes grrr it is. Awww....is BRADLEY your valentine?!?!?

2004-02-13 13:21:32 ET

hahah yeah brad's my valentine. hehe *goes back to hiding under desk* you're having too much fun with this :P

2004-02-13 13:31:08 ET

It's fun, it's My Tashi and My Brad =) I find it to be adorable...and funny

2004-02-13 13:35:13 ET

i can tell you find it funny :P hahah

2004-02-13 13:35:40 ET

Ahh it's okay i needed the laugh, now i need to work on a gift that im scared about sending

2004-02-13 13:36:34 ET

you also need to talk to your boss hahaha *inserts subtle hinting here* ;)

and work on the gift you shouldn't be scared to send :)

2004-02-13 13:37:11 ET

you know me. You wanna see what else is going with the gift?

2004-02-13 13:39:21 ET

yup yup :)

2004-02-13 13:40:25 ET

okay here goes

2004-02-13 13:41:08 ET

*dances around*

2004-02-13 13:49:18 ET

*gets all antsy* hope he likes it...ugh

2004-02-13 13:50:28 ET


2004-02-13 13:57:18 ET

I hope you're right.

2004-02-13 14:01:45 ET

i am :D

2004-02-13 14:02:55 ET


2004-02-13 17:58:11 ET

yea everytime i IMed you... you were always talkin' to him... i was tid bit curious :-)...
tis cool... i don't know who he is though... but very cool... he should get an sk account.. ;-)

2004-02-13 18:12:35 ET

Ha...he's gonna try for an SK account but he never knows what to say or anything

2004-02-13 19:27:05 ET

that would be cool if he did, though it would stop me from posting this kind of stuff hehe ;)

2004-02-13 19:43:12 ET

Sure it would...uh huh, and you'd go back through all your post and delete them all

2004-02-13 19:45:00 ET

hahah hence the "shhhhh"

2004-02-13 19:48:07 ET

shhhhh...all gabes fault

2004-02-13 19:49:40 ET

hehehe yeah shhh didn't work too well but..see..no one will see this...*nodnod*

2004-02-13 19:51:51 ET

sure they wont *laughs evil like and such*

2004-02-13 19:54:51 ET

yeah i kinda figured

2004-02-13 19:58:22 ET

awww i'll be nice

2004-02-13 19:59:01 ET

*shrugs* i don't really care. i mean my windows messanger says the same thing the subject of this says

2004-02-13 20:04:25 ET

i think it's adorable

2004-02-13 20:06:45 ET


2004-02-13 20:08:11 ET

see....cuteness in extreme

2004-02-13 20:09:05 ET

it was really sad last night. i had this big ass grin on my face and forgot i had the cam on..haha then of course you cant stop grinning after that cause you know you've been caught grinning so it just makes it worse

2004-02-13 20:10:53 ET

lol then you blush and get all red and try to hide your face...yup

2004-02-13 20:11:58 ET

heh yup..i was hiding behind squishy then i got yelled at for hiding

2004-02-13 20:17:27 ET

lol figures...that's Brad

2004-02-13 20:28:57 ET

it was sweet though

2004-02-13 20:30:57 ET

Of course....thats Brad

2004-02-13 20:34:24 ET

hehe *blushified again* damn my brain for reminding me of ish and making me get all giggly

2004-02-13 20:39:46 ET

lol awww you two are so cuuuute *pinches cheeks*

2004-02-13 20:41:19 ET


i can think of two peeps who are hella cuter!!! *points to you and devin*

2004-02-13 20:42:55 ET

yes but thats only cause Devins a hottie.

2004-02-13 20:43:59 ET

dude that was mean!

2004-02-13 20:49:53 ET

lol i was kidding sheeeesh.

I can't wait for you to meet Brad, he's got this whole cowboy thing goin on.

2004-02-13 20:54:44 ET

hehe adorable :) dude..does he have the accent too?

2004-02-13 20:59:15 ET

somewhat i believe *thinks...actually yeah he does

2004-02-13 21:01:14 ET

didn't even think bout that one hehe. how cute! ;)

2004-02-13 21:01:58 ET

haha...you should have him call you sometime

2004-02-13 21:06:12 ET

that'd be long distance..no good there.

2004-02-13 21:10:36 ET

ugh he can call you from my house...it's free

2004-02-13 21:13:12 ET

how is it free from your house?

2004-02-13 21:14:58 ET

I have free long distance

2004-02-13 21:17:15 ET

ahhh i see i see

you know me number

2004-02-13 21:31:27 ET

yep yep

2004-02-13 21:38:14 ET

*dances around*

2004-02-13 21:38:46 ET

*dances with you*

2004-02-13 21:39:20 ET

hahaha ok you fixed it so i can't make that comment anymore...

2004-02-13 21:40:17 ET

Always...and my damned typo demons

2004-02-13 21:42:18 ET


2004-02-13 21:43:29 ET

you confuse moi

2004-02-13 21:47:23 ET

i confuse myself

2004-02-13 21:55:42 ET

lol Obvious

2004-02-14 05:15:39 ET

hahaha too cute... :-)

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